Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Return of the Lotus Carlton?

It has been many years since Lotus built a four-door lane stormer. But, according to the oh-so-reliable Autocar, it could be a possibility.

The Lotus was based on the Vauxhall of the same name back in the early 90s. Producing 377bhp being run through a 6-speed manual, the Lotus Carlton dwarfed its Griffin badged twin.

Lotus Group CEO, Mike Kimberly, has been quoted as saying he would “like the company to build another car in the mould of the Lotus Carlton.”

Though, the Vauxhall Carlton is no more, its modern day equivalent would be the soon to be released Insignia.

Let's just hope they plan on trimming the fat 500lbs or so.

UPDATE: And then I got thinking, Lotus built this car when they were owned by GM. Vauxhall is also a GM company, so modifying one of their own vehicles fit the bill. But, now they are owned by Proton, a Malaysian automaker, with some cars only the mother of a sodomite with political aspirations could love.

So, there are only two real options out of the Proton line that could even be somewhat feasible. The first being the Proton Gen-2, which kind of looks like an MG with some sort of physical handicap:
The second option would be the Proton Impian, with "elegant styling with high quality workmanship" says the Proton website, it reminds me of a Skoda, and not in that "rugged Soviet car" kind of way:
[Source: Autocar]

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