Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Return of the Lotus Carlton?

It has been many years since Lotus built a four-door lane stormer. But, according to the oh-so-reliable Autocar, it could be a possibility.

The Lotus was based on the Vauxhall of the same name back in the early 90s. Producing 377bhp being run through a 6-speed manual, the Lotus Carlton dwarfed its Griffin badged twin.

Lotus Group CEO, Mike Kimberly, has been quoted as saying he would “like the company to build another car in the mould of the Lotus Carlton.”

Though, the Vauxhall Carlton is no more, its modern day equivalent would be the soon to be released Insignia.

Let's just hope they plan on trimming the fat 500lbs or so.

UPDATE: And then I got thinking, Lotus built this car when they were owned by GM. Vauxhall is also a GM company, so modifying one of their own vehicles fit the bill. But, now they are owned by Proton, a Malaysian automaker, with some cars only the mother of a sodomite with political aspirations could love.

So, there are only two real options out of the Proton line that could even be somewhat feasible. The first being the Proton Gen-2, which kind of looks like an MG with some sort of physical handicap:
The second option would be the Proton Impian, with "elegant styling with high quality workmanship" says the Proton website, it reminds me of a Skoda, and not in that "rugged Soviet car" kind of way:
[Source: Autocar]

Drifiting at HD

The video on here is not in HD, but follow the source link below to see it in amazing clarity.

Maybe Takuma should take up a new sport.

[Source: Vimeo via Axis of Oversteer]

Because we've all been tempted...

Spied: Chevy Beat Test Mule

While it won't be coming to North America, it will be hitting the silver screen thanks to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. The folks over at have gotten their grubby little hands on some dirty pictures of the Chevy Beat that is slated to go in sale in Europe.

Powered by a 1.2-liter, 16v DOHC S-TEC II through a manual or slushbox, the Beat will bring a whole new sense of style to the small car market.

I guess since Ford will be bringing the Euro Focus to our shores in 2001, GM is looking to fill the niche of "company making desirable compacts we can't have here".


Thinking of a colour change for your car? Don't paint it, tape it!

Most of us have bought a car and later realized that we would like it in a different colour. Though a black car is definitely classic, a white car can definitely be an eye catcher if it is the right car.

But, what if later on you want that car to have it's original paint for resale or you give your car to your girlfriend and she wants to turn it hot pink? Answer: tape it.

For about $1500 you can get special adhesive 3M tape that will cover your whole car, protect your paint, and is available in a wide variety of colours.

Now if only they came with pre-applied NOS stickers. The Honda boys would be all over it.

Slideshow of the process and finished product below.

[Source: E90Post via AutoBlog]

Spied: Pagani Zonda F

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That seems to be the motto over at Pagani. AutoExpress has snapped some photos of the new Zonda F undergoing some testing.

There are some minor tweeks here and there. For instance, the front end is receiving some aero changes in order to let in more air to the rumoured 5.5L V8 or 6.0L V12 sourced from Mercedes. Also, the headlights have been slightly revised along with the side mirrors.

If you want to get in a Zonda, be prepared to fork out $800,000 CAD. Don't have the money for that? You can always get a Feirrari instead.

More photos of the new Zonda below: