Monday, August 4, 2008

KERS: The Formula 1 Green Light To The Future

With seven more races left in the 2008 season of Formula 1 most teams are starting to put all their efforts into next year. Along with the new season, as for every new season, come a new set of rules and regulations brought about by the FIA and the Technical Working Group comprised of all the teams in the paddock.

Many issues have plagued Formula 1 over the past few years, some more than others, but all equally relevant. The lack of overtaking being a key one. The level of excitement has dropped since the years when Senna and Prost battled it out turn after turn. Instead, you have cars doing almost the whole race in the lead and not much action towards the back of the field either.

The cars, due to mechanical grip being taken away when grooved tires were introduced, have relied on more downforce and the need for more wing has made the cars exponentially more complex aerodynamically. With this comes fragile aero components and a dirty 'wake' of air following the cars making drafting all but impossible.

But, the FIA, along with the Technical Working Group, have a plan to remedy this...

Enter Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS, onto the playing field (or circuit in this case, I suppose) to bring the excitement back to grand prix racing while showing the general public that Formula 1 is now committed to being a greener sport than yesteryear.

Over the next week, I will be giving you an in-depth view into KERS, the technical issues that surrounds it, as well as the political benefits that it gives to the sport. Until then, enjoy this little video of a mechanic from BMW coming to a shocking grip with that KERS will be bringing to the paddock in 2008.

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