Monday, August 4, 2008

NASCAR: How To Beat The Good Ol' Boys At Their Own Game

This past weekend, the Nationwide Series (formally Busch Series), visited Montreal's Circuit De Gilles Villeneuve for the 23rd stop on the 2008 calendar. It's Monday, I just saw the results, and I am ashamed that I missed it.

Canada and Australia have figured out how to put a pounding on those Southern boys. For ease of understanding, I will write it out as a recipe:

Start with going to Canada
Add a few non-American drivers
Add an equal number of road course drivers
Mix in a little bit of Eastern Canada weather
Blend together on one of the toughest circuits raced on the Formula 1 calendar

Put this all together and you end up with a 1-2 for Canadian drivers Ron Fellows and Patrick Carpentier, then give the last podium position to veteran V8 Supercars driver, Aussie Marcus Ambrose.

Well done guys. Now, let's see a little but of the action in the rain in Montreal...

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