Saturday, August 2, 2008

My iRacing: Starting my first full season

At 9PM local time I get my first chance at completing a full season on iRacing. Each season lasts 12 weeks. I'm sure there are hundreds of people waiting for the first race at Lime Rock Park to start.

Right now, I am racing primarily in the Solstice Challenge. Being a rookie (which is an actual rank within the sim) I am not able to change the settings on my car. But, it also makes it a level playing field. The ranking system is quite brilliant. They take into account how clean you race when you first start. You get points for your position at the end of the race on the track, but, there is another rating which is directly related to how safe of a driver you are.

So, there is an hour and ten more minutes to wait until I start my first race of the season. Wish me luck. I will delve deeper into the sim as I get more addicted and definitely post about it over the coming weeks.

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